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Popular Print Applications

To pre-configure a product with the options for a specific printing application choose one of the following, then explore and customize the product with any additional options you may require to meet your needs.

Book and Manuals

A POD strategy is found to be cost effective for those book printers who service many publishers or vast regions. In addition the Nuvera 200/288/314 EA Perfecting Production System is designed to produce long or short runs using a five (5) hour of paper supply when adding a Tecnau Roll System over 800,000 impressions-worth of toner on board at all times – which can be replenished while the machine is running- offering world-class productivity.


Benefits Booklet

When integrated with VIPP Pro Publisher – a Free Flow Digital Workflow offering – and a productive inline booklet maker – like the Watkiss PowerSquare 224 – the Nuvera system produces sophisticated booklets that are sure to get results. Customers can design document templates, then cache them on the printer to await variable data submission from a variety of data sources. Once printed the PowerSquare 224 completes the job by creating a square back booklet – up to a 10.4mm spine.


Offset Shell Overprint

Common applications for this approach includes short-run books, manuals, transpromotional invoices/statements and marketing/promotional communications (like the postcard pictured here). Using VIPP Pro Publisher - a Flow Digital Workflow product – any Nuvera system can overprint high-quality black text on a offset-produced shell.


Variable Data

Applications in this space include transpromotional materials (like credit card statements that feature advertisements or incentives from restaurants that the card holder frequents), invoices/statements and marketing/promotional communications. Using VIPP Pro Publisher a Nuvera system can merge the variable images and data at the speed of its print engine and produce high quality professional statements.


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