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Explore the Xerox® PrimeLink C9065/C9070 and accessories to build a customized configuration based on your specific needs and applications.

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Popular Print Applications

To pre-configure a product with the options for a specific printing application choose one of the following, then explore and customize the product with any additional options you may require to meet your needs.

Booklets / Brochures / Catalogs

Recommended by default is the optional 2 Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder and Production Ready Booklet Finisher with the Xerox SquareFold Trimmer and Crease and two-sided Trimmer . This enables creation of booklets on coated media with full-bleed trim. Higher volumes of collaterals could utilize a saddle-stitch booklet maker from our finishing partners.



Recommended by default is the 1 Tray High Capacity Feeder and Business Ready Finisher which can enable four page or more reports/newsletters inline.


Postcards/Business Cards

This application can be run using any finishing option but if high quantities are required, a 1 or 2 Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder (OHCF) is the best choice. This application is typically run on heavyweight coated or uncoated media and is best fed through the OHCF or bypass tray.


Specialty Synthetic Media - Signs and Labels

Signs, ID Cards, Window Clings, Labels, Polyester. The special Xerox EA ultra-low Melt Toner chemically bonds to synthetic substrates when fused, ensuring outstanding image quality on specialty media such as polyester and more – offering you a broader range of choices. Premium NeverTear is water, oil, grease and tear resistant


Tri-Fold Brochures

Folding applications can be run in-line if the C/Z folding options are added to the Business Ready or Production Ready, Standard or Booklet Maker finishers. The addition of the OHCF 1 or 2 tray module provides support for longer print runs.



This application can be run using any feeding option, in-line booklet making is available on the Business Ready Finisher Booklet Maker or Production Ready Finisher Booklet Maker. Should you prefer to spiral bind the calendar, choose the GBC Advanced Punch or Advanced Punch PRO. These come with a range of punch die options.


Book Jackets

This application can be run using the Banner Feed Guide for Extra Large Sheet (XLS) on the 1 or 2 Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder while being output to the Banner Output Guide for Extra Large Sheet on the Production Ready Finisher.


Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology (Vivid and Fluorescent Applications)

Add visual impact and infuse excitement into printed communications from invitations and posters, to banners and pre-perforated boxes. Applications are endless when you introduce the luxury of Gold, Silver, White, Clear toners and The WOW from Fluorescent Magenta, Fl. Cyan and Fl. Yellow toners.


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